NGS crashing.

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It started out with my whole computer Blue Screening and me having to trouble shoot that out. I now have the game where I can play it without a BSD. But now I'm getting lockups and crashing to desktop. It seemed to happen when I ran through a loading wall, or if to many people/enemies on screen at once. My PC only has 1display driver, an Rtx 2070 super. I don't understand why I'm having so much trouble with this game. Anyone have any answers?

are you running the game using a laptop or a desktop? if is a laptop then depending of the model of the CPU it comes with a integrated GPU and that can cause a blue screen error

Desktop, and I don't have integrated GPU. I have an RTX 2070 Super

For an RTX 2070 Super (the minimum recommended for max graphic quality, the GPU seems to be mostly utilized, which could be a problem without proper cooling.) Also, what is the CPU it is paired with and is it possible to check the temp of that while the game is running? If the GPU isn't the culprit, it might be the CPU. If a component starts overheating, it will cause crashes and/or BSODs. Lowering graphics settings is normally the best cure. I would also lower the framerate to 60FPS, The game may let you set it higher, but it is typically not a good idea for a graphics intensive game. The recommended specs given on the CBT page are also probably dependent on 60FPS on High settings.

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With the settings i have up top this is what the CPU temps are. I'll go back and change the graphics settings to 60 fps cap play it for a little and see if i crash