Force underpowered as usual?

At times I feel like I was doing more damage with Force's Rod shoot (Photon Bullet in NA) than with techniques... So I would occasionally just use that when bosses were down.

well I gonna leave the numbers talk by thenselves when I pull some damage like this:

2021-05-16 15-59-46.mkv_snapshot_10.34.002.jpg

definately Force is not weak but is not the same as before


Oh yes. I really like the idea of stun phases done via procs rather than scripted things with the boss. I don't care how ngs makes it more frequent. I just hope it becomes more frequent.

@Jamesmor holy shiet...can we nerf force now finally? xD

@JuggernautGTX imagine if I was using the 3 star weapon I was going to blow up the boss without giving him a chance to do anything

@Jamesmor wich sub you used?

@JuggernautGTX Hunter but when NGS is released I will go with Ranger, weak bullet all the way

The core force gameplay loop for 2/3rds of the elements right now is to spam uncharged attacks. There are multiple problems with this:

  • The uncharged attacks barely hit any harder than normal attacks
  • It takes several attacks to build charge, requiring lots of time and PP
  • You are open during all of those cast animations, and the cast animations also halt PP regen (including PP Conversion)
  • The blast itself deals ~4-5x the damage of an uncharged attack, which isn't saying much

Other classes don't have to invest up to or over their entire PP cap over the course of several seconds just to access the most of their damage, so it's not just Force's Photon Flare that is the problem...

The issue of techniques being weak will most likely be resolved on release, because I expect them to add the elemental masteries to Force's tree. The damage feels like it was balanced with having high multipliers already in mind, and they couldn't really fit that in the small trees given for the CBT...

@Jamesmor you mean youll take ranger main?

@JuggernautGTX hell no I will go with Force main, my sub will be Ranger to use the weak bullet

@Jamesmor weak bullet is main class only tho

@Jamesmor I don't think people are saying proton blasts are weak (Also, Techer uses the same Photon Blast)

@JuggernautGTX gonna wait and see, we don't know if they will chance some of the stuff related to main class

@Jamesmor Unfortunately a Photon Blast is not a good way to represent a character's average DPS because of how long it takes to charge.

Worth noting that in the CBT2 survey it was mentioned that they're going to be tweaking technics for the launch version.

Additional concerns were voiced regarding the power and balance of Techniques, which will be addressed for launch.