I noticed a few weapons got a complete mechanical makeover from their JP counterparts in the Astracite Shop. I'm curious as to what their Augment Factors are, but they don't seem to be obtainable at the moment due to the extremely low number of Elder Urgent Quests and non-existent (at the time of writing) Luther Urgent Quests that have the drop for the materials needed for the exchange, the Pyroxenes. What I'm most curious about are the Augment Factors of the Elder Rifle and the Dalz Varley, but having a full list of Augment Factors for all the weapons in that particular shop would be nice to have as we approach the early days of PSO2 NA. Thanks in advance to anyone who may know the answer! 😊

For those of you unfamiliar with the JP version, Elder Rifle (10 star) and Dalz Varley (11star) were old-type (OT) weapons that were on a completely different grinding system than they are now. However, with the advent of PSO2 NA, they're now both 12star and use the new-type (NT) grinding system that all weapons apparently have in PSO2 NA.