Started a 2nd character in another ship and it has caused problems..

Same name as my other character, my new character never gains any items from enemies or boxes she smashes. rebooted game, PC and problem persists. can anyone help me by making a test character on the other server you didn't play. I think its the same name that caused the glitch.

The items I should have got are not in the inventory or in the storage in case anyone asks and my character has 5/100 inventory x)

This issue has been reported. Only way to fix it is to create another character it seems for now.


How strange hope they fix it.

Did some more testing made two more characters on ship 1 and all 3 get nothing from boxes and kills

also LOL @ time limit to delete a character in a cucking beta!

its fixed now! not sure if devs did it or it fixes over time. but i can finally loot!

Made another character today and I can say I have experienced this issue also.

I have made a character too, same name on a different server but only experienced one issue that the daily quests was completed already.