Need to Restart After exiting game and re-entering

I am having a very weird issue with the game.

On a fresh PC boot, I log in and everything is fine. I am able to create character, get in the world, play etc.

However, when I exit the game client and then reload the game. The game comes to a crawl.

I then have to reboot my PC, and then I am able to log back in and play.

Anyone else having a similar issue? It is odd I need to restart my PC before reloading the game after exiting it.

This is probably caused by the rushed nature of the CBT client deployment. Typically, an XBOX Game ported to PC through MS Store like this is designed to install an Xvd drive that is hidden and unmounted until the game is launched. In the case of the CBT client, it is NOT hiding or dismounting the Xvd drive like the base game does. Due to not closing properly, it causes your issue when re-opened in the same session. It should be fixed with official launch, at least, since it will use the original PSO2 for the game.