Urgent quest schedule?

Is there a schedule posted somewhere? Thanks

Up in the header of this site, go to News, and then Urgent Quests.

Thank you so much! Do you happen to know what timezone the chart is in?

On the chart itself it says it is in PDT.

But, for example, yesterday the schedule was wrong. After the Concert we get a Urgent. Then wie get an Urgent 2 Hours later again! that urgent was not on the schedule!

Aside from the scheduled Urgent Quests, there are random Urgent Quests which just happen by random. Usually, we won't meet a random Urgent Quest very often. But it seems to me that during the open beta, they are making random Urgent Quests almost every 2 hours. So the Urgent Quest you first saw was a scheduled one, the second one was random, I guess.

Yes ok, this info is on the new schedule too!

Thx for that 😛

The schedule they posted has not been right once since the new update launched. None of the events line up to the right times. I have yet to see the new Urgent Quest. Lots of other problems too. Seems like a lousy testing job for this release. Hope it is not a picture of how things are going to be.

Hi, i can not confirm. Are you using the right calendar and are in the right time?