Quality of life suggestions'

Hi! Firstly, thanks to SEGA and Microsoft for bringing this beautiful game to the US. It's almost here, everyone!

Here's a small list of QoL problems with room for fixes. Feel free to discuss these or add your own to the list.


  • Weapon swap: Accidentally scrolling the mouse wheel during Hunter Block (middle mouse default) swaps weapons and deactivates block. Did PSO2 classic also have this problem?
  • Double Jump: Wall kick and double jump can fire at the same time, effectively wasting a jump.

New Player Experience

  • Players cannot celebrate their first kill in chat because NPC quest speech disables chat. Allow players to talk during quest dialogue.

Thank you for reading. 😃

P.S. Please build a walking option for keyboard users. XD

Yes! I agree with the walking option toggle; every time I try to just make a small step I launch forward... It's.. a bit much haha