PSO2: NG Dualshock 4 support

Hello, I tried using both my DS4 V1 and V2 controllers and non of them is working in NG. Which if baffling, given the fact that the prompts in game are for Playstation controller. Anyone else stumbled upon this issue and maybe have some workarounds? I'm not really interested in software to emulate Xbox controller or something.

if you don't want to use something to make your controller to be recognized as Xbox then there's no solution to it, Microsoft doesn't have drivers for DualShock so they won't work directly.

They only have the PS control images for those that use Steam that has DS4 controller support built-in and because the game is available in Japan on Playstation, so the data is already in the code. Some people also can more easily find the PS symbols instinctively if they never used an XBOX or rarely use it and they are essentially the same buttons on the XBOX controller, if they use an xbox controller just for gaming on PC since it is the most compatible controller for PC.