• Game looks great both graphic wise as art wise, love the world design.
  • Audio/music is great.

Points of improvement:

  • I know this is an beta but there is really very little to do. There's almost no quests so I have no idea how good your quest design is and that is an important factor for me.
  • No "Closest Enemy" or "Strongest Enemy" option for target priority.
  • The store interface is kinda clunky though this is in part due to the huge amount of low level weapon/armor drops. A loot filter would be great or better drops in general. The "Sales Complete" window is another click that really has no purpose.
  • An event started while I was playing, telling me to go there. Just to find out I needed 950 power which I was 13 points off from with my T2 + 20 weapon. Since T3 weapons are rare in this beta especially for certain classes not many people where able to join the event.
  • Character search doesn't work.
  • Item search doesn't work well.

Biggest annoyance:

  • Camera lock while target locked. This just feels really bad to me, it makes it harder to dodge enemy attacks let alone those from enemies around you. Every time I lock onto an enemy I feel stuck.

The weirdest thing about this game is that classes feel really similar. You basically have two one that hits stuff one that shoots stuff and there is no real reason to play one over the other except preference. Not once during my play time did I wish I had a different class or that the class of the people I played with mattered at all. Maybe this will change on release..

Anyways, I played a few hours and now I'm bored. This game has potential but it's going to need stuff if I want to actually end up playing it.