Material storage is so expensive

i think they should do like PSU in some ways and easy for us. i just dont like we have to pay to get 30 personal rooms and store i think its too much tho and let use custom our own gears and weapons and room items to get the item we want for our room items and custom how we like it and have our own personal room shop

This should be part of premium.

Looking at Reilet's list, it makes the idea behind the high SG cost of material storage seem like it'd a whole lot more sense on PSO2 JP, that's a ton of ways to get recurring SG compared to what we have on NA. Even just the 40 SG weekly from the casino would be a huge help.

@JimmBimm Material storage should be included in premium, too much trying to reach into my pockets SEGA.

I agree, that either Material Storage, and everything else that costs SG, should decrease in price, or dramatically increase the amount of SG that's able to be earned in NA. Since NA has a lot more items that cost SG than JP, by an extreme amount. Even with the addition of the Casio SG, Battle, & Challenge Modes since the thread was last updated, it still pails in comparison to the amount earnable in JP, and NA still has many more things that cost SG. What should be done is compare the price of all the items that cost SG in a month on both JP and NA, calculate the percentage difference. Then, do the same for the amount of earnable SG, and increase NA's SG earned by both of those percentages, but the methods to earn the extra SG must remain repeatable and at a similar level of effort.