Material storage is so expensive

Please correct me if I got something wrong. But you can rent Material Storage only with SG. Its 300 SG for 30 days. 300 SG cost roundabout 15$ (you get 360 SG for 15$/1500 AC or 480 SG for 1900 AC). That's the same amount as the premium subscription for 30 days.

Ok, I understand that it comes with A LOT of storage for materials with some convenient features like batch move and automated sending to inventory (you could promote the actual benefits of this storage a bit better). And you earn SG in game so it's understandable that it is a bit more expensive. At the moment i have no clue how much SG we will be able to earn throughout every month so it may be unfair to say it is too expensive.

But it would be really nice if you could make the material storage purchasable with AC for less money or something.

I was wondering the same as how easy is it to maintain the rent for the material storage or extended storages without going premium? But at least it is not like Elder Scrolls Online where you can only get access to it with the premium subscription.

Though if the AC to RC is costing as much as the premium subscription just for that storage I feel they are a bit overpriced for rent. Of course it also all depends on how easy it is to maintain the SG income on your account by playing active.

I agree that there needs to be something addressed about Material Storage. If you see Monster Hunter as a competitor, I feel the quality of life adjustments they made to "World" was so important for the western market especially. Making sure that the storage was accessible during crafting was essential to the core loop because it kept the momentum going.

When I started playing PSO2 I immediately felt like something was amiss. I would go to craft food and think "I could have sworn I had enough materials". It was then that I realized it was not pulling from my storage. I came to these forums looking to see if people actually dealt with the loop of pulling materials out of their storage just to see if they can make anything and then put it back. I almost didn't get an answer until I heard about "Material Storage".

Now I've finally scrounged and even payed to have enough SG in order to try material storage, it's made a world of difference as you can imagine. But then it makes me that more upset that its paywalled! I understand free-to-play models, as I work in the mobile industry, and I see that you have implemented it pretty fairly across all features such as "My Room" and cosmetics, but for a game about looting I feel this compromises the core experience a bit.

I know that there is a subscription service in Japan and I'm very curious to see what will be offered in the long term in the west. But if there is one wish I had, it would to be the ability to choose the "material path", if you will. If there is any kind of material storage relief you guys can provide I would wholeheartedly consider taking it.

That said, thank you very much for opening this kind of discussion channel for us, at the very least it lets us get our frustrations out and some food-for-thought for the team. I'm loving the game and I just want to love it even more!

@Merelambasted said in Material storage is so expensive:

If you see Monster Hunter as a competitor

I wish. All character data for MH: World is stored client-side. All of your storage items in PSO2 takes up server-sided database space.

@coldreactive Yea they'll never do that because in Monster Hunter there is no weapon economy that uses real world monetization and trading. Like Splatoon this game wants to prevent duplicating items, so they have to keep it sever based. Thats the trade-off unfortunately, and as you might have heard there was already an exploit with scratch tickets over the weekend so that would have totally wrecked the economy.

You can get 300 SG by going through half of the story mode. You get 20 SG tickets every chapter you finish.

@AnamanaAU That sounds good, but then what's the best strategy for getting SG after 2 months?

Now while I don't actually know if any of these are in the game yet... SG is actually pretty easy to get... as long as you are willing to put in the effort to get it.

200 ~ 10 SG per week depending on your rank (1st ~ 100th)

  • Solo TA rankings
  • *Solo Vita TA rankings
  • Party TA rankings
  • *Party Vita TA rankings
  • Room visit rankings
  • Red Box rankings
  • Interrupt rankings

100 ~ 30 SG per week (1st ~ 50th)

  • *Challenge Quest: Start rankings
  • *Challenge Quest: Decision rankings

Those listed above are also on a per ship basis.

2000 ~ 40 SG per month (Legend 1st ~ C5)

  • *Battle Arena ranking


  • costumes (10 SG)
  • certain login days (10SG)
  • Casino Shop (40 SG total); weekly
  • *Battle Shop (100 total); weekly
  • *Buster Shop (100 total); weekly
  • *Idola Shop (100 total); weekly
  • *Magatsu Gold key (30SG)
  • *Magatsu Silver key (10SG)
  • *Arks League (100 ~ 5 depending on rank)
  • titles
  • *PSO2es daily login (1 SG)
  • PSO2 Day (44 SG)
  • Bingo/Limited Arks Missions (per character)
  • Friend invite system (50 ~ 5)

I did, however, mark the ones I know won't be in the game right now with an asterisk (*)

So many JP exclusive items! 😅

The ways NA server surely has at this moment are like follows, I think.

[One time only]

  • Titles

[Every 30 days]

  • Login Stamps (60SG total / 120SG for premium)
  • PSO2 day (44SG / 88SG for premium)


  • Outfits Star Gem (10SG each)

[Various Events]

  • Probably we will have some events giving us SG?

For Casino shop, it seems that they are not listed on the exchange list yet. Friend invite system is probably not in NA for now, there isn't the menu to get invite code in the login sequence, nor Nanon doesn't handle the blue badge as for now.

Keeping these in mind, I think to rent the material storage is not so difficult for premium players as outfit market price is relatively cheaper in NA. Non-premium players need to work hard for SG, I suppose.

@Reilet said in Material storage is so expensive:

as long as you are willing to put in the effort to get it.

I still had yet to find any interrupt missions in PSO2JP. I won't have many friends in PSO2NA either, so it's likely I won't be getting on the room visit ranking. I don't even know what "TA" is. What are "Decision" parts of Challenge Quests? I don't like PvP, so I'll never touch battle arena except for the initial ARKS Mission thing that has you "try" it. Friend Invite System won't be a thing I do, since I already get no one on my FFXIV Friend Invite thing.

The problem with SG is there's so little flexibility to it and not everyone can always put in time every single second to earn as much as possible. I generally play a lot and have been struggling to get enough for one of the Fresh Find things I wanted, let alone anything else.

I stopped playing on the Japanese server before Star Gems were introduced, but I have to say I really don't enjoy them. I've never been fond of more than one regular and one premium currency and FUN was already enough along with all the trade-in badges without Star Gems too.

I'd love if they at least considered adding a permanent option whether for SG or AC 😕

I have a solution, I store all my materials in the NPC vendor, and never ask them back, because their only purpose is to fill your inventory and make you pay premium currency to get more space.

Make it part of premium.

I've been playing on XBox so far I earnt enough from Mission Pass, Story, a couple of outfits and log in stamps to purchase 2x material storage + 1 gold pass. I still have ~450 star gems.

But now I've reached the end of the story I'm not sure how easy it will be to get them. But I'm still hopeful

@ScrawnyKitty Exactly! I keep being told "Just do the story quest", and my first thought was, "Oh you can farm the story quests?", because the alternative would be that it is finite, and that's exactly what it is! I hope so too, it would be nice if there are more mechanics that reward us with SG down the road.