[NGS] Control issues

I usually play PS02 through the Steam launcher, and I have no issues playing the game with my PS4 controller. However, my controller does not seem to be supported in the beta. (driver tests show all the buttons recognized and functioning properly outside of the beta.)

Normally, I'd just switch to keyboard/mouse. However, I don't use a mouse, I use a Wacom stylus/tablet, instead, and it just makes the camera spin around me wildly, without any way to control it smoothly.

The game is currently unplayable for me to test.

You need to switch to a program like DS4Windows to use a DS4 outside of Steam

I did post that before, the beta access is via Microsoft that doesn't have drivers to PlayStation controllers, if you want o use your controller you gonna need to use something that changes the drivers to be recognized to be a Xbox controller

When I'm done watching the warframe charity stream, I'll check it out. (I'd much rather play this game on the PS4/5). The computer is so clunky as a game machine. (44yrs old here, grew up with both PCs and consoles... consoles win for me.)

Edit: It's working now, with DS4windows. Thanks for the tip.