Instanced world map in NGS

I don't want to see those brutes slaughtering innocent animals in my playing time. Also an option to mute every chat bubble in the city. And make every other player character outside my party invisible.

@landman Ok, I'm sorry but what? Those animals have drops, and from what I hear those drops are needed for progression in an aspect of the game, like food buffs. Every online game has that functionality. It's working as intended. The chat bubbles are easy, when the full version releases you will be able to block players in game. Why should SEGA rework entire aspects of the game, simply for you, so you can have your safe space? I don't feel like you should be playing any game past an E rating with that attitude if you dont like violence or mature, or even teen rated themes.

If you don't want to see other players at all, play a single-player game.

While I don't agree with the tone that the suggestion was made in, I do agree that a "solo mode" would be great, at least outside of the City area. I imagine that such a thing could also be good for players who like to challenge themselves so they can go into areas and fight strong enemies on their own to test their skills outside of Cocoons and Towers.

@AndrlCh In a multiplayer game, if you want solo mode, just go somewhere with low foot traffic, or as the other user said, play a single player game. This isn't how the game was designed, and it shouldn't be changed period. I play this game for the multiplayer aspect, and when I tire of it, I go play something like Far Cry, Fallout or Skyrim.

go to an empty block ?

@Anarchy-Marine Going back to PSO1, despite the series being multiplayer, there had been ways to play the game without other players; for example, PSOBB had a "One-Player Mode", and there is even explicitly solo content in PSO2. If anything, it looks like they are removing a feature that has been part of the game series by not having some way to experience the game without a forced multiplayer experience outside of hub areas.

Maybe even just a few blocks that automatically disable global chat and create solo instances of the map, or a shared-ship-esque "solo ship" that only lets you take your inventory (and maybe material storage) with you and back with no access to player shops.

@Demon-Ashi said in Instanced world map in NGS:

go to an empty block ?

there is no empty block in pso2....ok the meme ship 3 will have empty blocks but ship 1 will have a healthy population forever #thumbsup

@JuggernautGTX okay okay thats true LOL usually the low population blocks are basically empty imo

@AndrlCh You think maybe they are moving away from that for a reason? They are moving the game into a more social game, where talking to other players, isn't just common, but likely needed for certain bosses. At least from gameplay I've seen. Either way, games have to grow and evolve, and games that don't, historically stagnate, and die off. I'm not saying Phantasy Star has to copy other games, or drastically change and lose it's identity, but they do have to change with the times. And from a practical standpoint, it makes no sense to make a single player anything in a multiplayer game, especially where the game isn't so full, that you couldn't just go somewhere secluded in game, as a block half full would mean that not every area of the game has foot traffic, and likely means you can have the experience you seek without some special mode, or the instanced setup requested here.

For performance issues, I would like to have a "party-only" system for exploration in a similar vein to Dragon's Dogma Online. Though in my experience so far I have not run into anything particularly too obnoxious as you can always block people who bother you or go elsewhere. I cannot imagine that Sega would go through the effort of making the Dread Battles accessible solo (at least not early on) as it seems silly to me that their attempt at a 32-player boss battle could be played solo.

I'm asking for the same thing pso2 has. Instanced fields. I can instance my multiparty areas in pso2, I don't want to se (and read or hear) randos, I only want to play and see the people in my party or custom multyparty. I have chat log hiding public chat, the option is there. I want to get rid of the chat bubbles, I just don't care and it's annoying.

@landman Ok that's great, but that's not the route they are going with NGS. The design choices are obvious here.

The game is designed so it mixes parties on each sector, in multiple instances. The mechanics are there, just let people choose to NOT get mixed with other parties is all I'm asking, it's their problem if they can or can't deal with a huge boss.

So in PSO2 when you don't want to get matched with other players at all in areas where its possible, in your party settings you select a password and hit the "Limit requests from other parties" box, these settings exist in NGS but doing that in NGS does nothing from what I can tell. Possibly bugged or only intended for Cocoons I am not sure.