Graphics don't change no matter the setting.

Just getting into character creation I was having serious graphics issues. The hair looked really funky as if it were vibrating and turning the character model left an after image for a brief time. I was messing with the graphics settings to see if I could fix any of this and I noticed that no matter what I did with the settings the graphics quality didn't change in any way. Does anyone know what my problem is? If its any help my graphics card is a SAPPHIRE 11296-01-20G Radeon Pulse RX 5600 XT. Also my graphics drivers are not currently up to date, as I had to roll them back for a game I'm currently playing to properly function.

@ChickenDaddy12 not sure what changing the simple graphics option does, but did notice that you can change the quality of various things in the game like shadows, SSR, GI, Tesselation, etc.

That's the thing, I tried messing with all the different options and nothing ever seemed to change in the slightest.

@ChickenDaddy12 Same for me. I tried logging in and out and I couldn't confirm that anything had changed.

My simple graphics setting was completely broken, using it changed nothing, but I could change things manually.

Graphics were bugged 100%.