Cant get past loading screen!

Tried to log in and out of everything, now my insider hub account is deleting itself ? I still downloaded the game, i can still get to the mainscreen, but not past it, reddit aint no help, asked on the discord, nothing there either unfortunately, im now trying to get into the cbt for 6 hours, cause i want to try the game, but its impossible, no matter what im trying to fix it, nothing works..

Absolutely in the same boat. Tried for 15, 30 minutes, and finally 6 hours last night as well. Even tried changing ships this morning and after an hour I gave up. Just a never ending loading screen. Hopefully they extend the beta otherwise a lot of folks are going to miss out.

@Nnja-R3AP3R Sorry my bad, i misspelled it, i cant get past loading screen, my first account doesnt seem to have access, even tho it clearly does, even Sega doesnt know the Issue, ive mailed the Support.

I made a 2nd account tho and it instantly got into it asking me for permission to get into this account, the game never asked for my 1st account which is sad, cause i want to play on my first account!

It makes me absolutely mad, since ive been waiting since saturday 3 am in my timezone.