NGS resolution does not change.

Allways about 1200 or below. What should I do?

"Environment settings" not working.

I have the same issue where my settings won't save, " Failed to save settings." My resolution is stuck at 1920x1440(supposed to be higher) and won't go in to fullscreen. I attempted everything from this post and still no luck on finding any fix. It may be different for you, but from that post it seemed the person played the game for a bit after character creation and everything seemed to work after he left to change the settings again. I am reaching the point where I think I may just reformat my computer and see what happens as I have had this issue for over a year now and gave up. All the best man.

Forgot to add, on the settings, when I hit, "Test Connection" it stated, " An error occurred during the connection test. Please check your connection settings again.[Error code 403]" I tried turning my firewall off, onedrive off, and redid it all while under administration and still no change.

Follow this, I just spent sometime tweaking things and it finally worked. I hope it all works out for you. ❤

@Ragnawind If it is an admin account, that is all that matters. Anyway, try to have them open regedit and find this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

In there, make sure Personal, My Video, My Music, My Pictures, Favorites, and Desktop are set to %USERPROFILE%\ and heir proper name. If not, they are probably hijacked by One Drive and the settings cannot be saved. Also, the part after the %\ is Documents, Videos, Music, Pictures, Favorites, Desktop.


I just want to mention that this method worked for me, but a few changes that worked. I changed everything you mentioned there(game didn't save settings still), but I had a few other registries with one drive hijacking it. I switched ALL of them to your method of %USERPROFILE%\original name(I don't know shit for computers so I copy pasted the original name, for some reason one of them was in Arabic and I had to copy paste that one to make it work). One drive has to be turned off, and for the love of god DO NOT DELETE any of them. I did that and lots of things stopped working, had to restart my computer for things to fix itself.

In regards to me deleting some stuff, I had like 3 registries with these long ass Key code looking names. I was annoyed, I deleted them because one drive hijacked them, that is when certain things stopped working, like pso2 gave me some error when I tried to launch it. Thankfully restarting my computer fixed it. Once everything was under %USERPROFILE%\ I retried to fix my settings. It didn't work at first, but for some reason I think after closing or restarting my computer it started working.

I switch to windowed mode, put my resolution, started game, but the windowed mode was weird. Switched back to virtual mode with my 2560etc screen size and it finally worked.

I just want to say thank you man, this actually worked and saved me the frustration of not getting to play this game properly.

All the best, Daythyme