Beta does not like Windows 10 DPI

So the game does not play nice with the windows DPI setting. For a while after setting it as 4K and playing a bit. I was thinking there is some duff scaling going on it looks 1080p or like the setting in the launcher is ignored.

Had a reddit search and found that only by changing the windows 10 text size change for the whole machine back to 100% does the game run in the correct resolution. (I expect it was upscaling then downscaling).

It makes my system almost unusable (the text is too small to read on a 4k monitor). And a pain to change every time I login, then back. But wowsers it makes a difference. No blurry UI or Text, pin sharp resolution running as it was set in the launcher.

Is this going to get fixed for launch? It seems like a really strange massive basic bug to be getting wrong this late in the game.

Thanks for this information. I'm having blurry UI/graphical issues running 1080p. I'll try to change my text size back to 100% and see if this works for me.

It's not so much NGS that doesn't like it, it's Microsoft that is the problem. If you play the Microsoft Store version of PSO2, you will have this same problem. Microsoft just straight up ignores any compatibility changes you make to exe files.