NGS Game does not start

Hi There, I installed the game. I joined the closed beta on the insider section. However when I tried to open the game, after login to my xbox account, game doesnt start it just stack on first screen and then login screen is just appear.


There is another post about this issue I got too. Fix might be to sign out every XBox app possible, then sign in. In my case, it does not work. PSO2 is still running fine, but not NGS. I wonder if there is a kind of conflict as I play PSO2 on Steam. I tried several things, to repair the NGS files, reset them, etc. but everything fails.

All you should really have to do is update Gaming Services from MS Store

I don't know what this Gaming Services are about, but it was not installed on my PC and I never needed this until now. I reinstalled NGS right after installing Gaming Services + reboot, signed out from XB apps, started NGS, signed in, but it still loops on the start screen. However, beyond my disappointment, as this is the first time I have an issue with a Beta, what's worst is it looks there is no official support here from Sega, and no one to answer the different issues peoples have. I already wasted too much time trying to make NGS works, and will just wait for the Steam release of the game. Anyway, thanks for the tips.