ngs account not linked to my exsisting pso2 stuff?

so i was under the impresion that we would have our beta accounts connected to our current pso2 accounts so we could have our current characters cosmetics and stuff liek units and weapons we pepared in live for ngs. despite this i have not been linked up.

when i can see the fact bugs about camos and layer ware are being looked in to i would asume people are linked. my orgional account was a windows and i connected it to steam to play. should i not still get my linked info?

Nope. No linking in this weekends CBT as far as I'm aware. (Probably because they also give a load of free scratch and money to test) ; maybe the bugs about camos/layers are about the stuff you get in those / by default.

Why would they allow you to link in a cbt when they're going to delete your progress from it in a short amount of time, anyway? That seems like a waste.