Serious concerns about the future of NGS

First off, let me mention I've played almost every single MMO since 1997, I've seen what works and what has not. PSO2:NGS will fail harshly if the game releases as is and definitely a lot of issues are needed to be addressed, and I'll try to be as specific as possible with what I've currently seen. What I can honestly gather, is this is heavily pushed into the realms of grouping and solo seems to be an afterthought - bearing in mind though, this is cbt and most likely missing a massive amount of weapons and gear that could make these issues a moot point.

This is something I'm going to add too as I play more classes, so far I've only played Techer to level 9. And the very initial problem was the severe lag, that was fixed pretty quickly though and for a time, NGS was fun and entertaining as explored the new areas then problems started, and I wasn't the only one complaining about these issues.

Slash the HP of all enhanced, dread monsters and bosses by at least 50%. The initial talks of how much HP overworld monsters have wasn't a joke, it gets BORING fast. Spending 30 - 40 minutes killing a veteran Daityl Sword I was seriously thinking if this was a joke, it's a joke right? This isn't difficult content, it's just mindless and boring, there should be no reason why a group of 5 - 8 people should take no more than 10 minutes to kill it, this feels like the content is not scaled period, feels like the content is scaled to 32 people fighting the boss at once, and that will never happen, same with content like the tower having to kill a regular Daityl sword boss is bad enough because its a slog just to get to the boss solo.

You don't need these bosses to have copious amounts of HP when they can instantly kill you went enraged anyway, this just rubs more salt in the wounds, Honestly ~ no joke, reduce the HP of these mobs significantly or make them scale properly to the amount of people fighting them otherwise, nobody is going to waste time fighting these.

Double Jumping and Soaring is annoying, especially in towers/cocoons as it feels really twitchy and annoying when you are trying to reach a golden cube that has been placed in an area with literally zero room for error to reach it, almost like the classic jumping puzzles....just more annoying, many times the soaring would just randomly cancel itself too.

Seriously worried about towers, are they all going to be the same vector style, low/no effort dungeons? That are not scaled for solo players? If so, this is a mistake. NGS needs to have its content vivid, inspired and want the player to delve more into the game, also I couldn't find anyway to leave the tower without logging out, this is a problem for joining a rando party if someone decides know..afk and/or isn't geared enough to really help out.

Class balance, also very worried about balance. PSO2 was extremely unbalanced and everyone knows it, NGS needs to have some effort made to balance out the classes, can't really say much about the balance at the moment since its early days but this has always been a major concern.

The game has ALOT of promise if many of the obvious issues are addressed, the game has the potential to be a lot of fun and be amazing but if nothing is currently done about the worst issues, I can see NGS not doing particular well and losing a good amount of players very quickly as they get bored and move onto something more fun and entertaining.

I'll second the HP thing. Playing as Ra, it got so boring that I ended up just messing with the bosses with stuff like stomp kicking them to death, or trying to show off by playing it like rifle Ph with dodge counters. My deaths shouldn't be due to taking risks out of boredom rather than actually getting overpowered. The enemies have way too much HP and don't react to damage outside of a core reveal flinch or going super mode. It doesn't feel as interactive as base PSO2 where you have tons of parts to break or the enemy throws out enough varied attacks fast enough that it doesn't devolve to strafe-and-parry/dodge.

Well remember we're also missing our pso2 items we've been keeping for the NGS transfer. That will likely have an impact on how fast bosses die. Who knows what else we're missing from the whole game too.

@Zeke The normal enemies melt pretty fast once you're on-level with them. You'd probably oneshot them en-masse as collateral damage if you had enough damage to take the bosses down at a reasonable pace. I'm hoping those bosses are actually supposed to be higher level and just had that and their attack scaled down so we could actually damage them due to the level penalty mechanic. I seriously hate that design in games. Why should I be arbitrarily given a huge damage penalty if I otherwise have the skills and stats to take on an enemy of much higher level?

Totally agree on the high hp big game monsters. If there was a crazy loot box reward like... maybe. But wailing on some boss for 30 minutes, twice, that's higher level to get... literally nothing. Did. Not. Feel. Good.

The double jump and soar on the other hand. I really enjoy this, and the verticality of the open world.

Thing I did wonder about longevity wise is the areas, because it's almost one seamless area.... the music and mood, didn't durastically change. Not like going to a city in pso, or underground lava, or into space. Etc. After growing up playing PSO on DC (and WoW, GWars and a load of other MMORPGS)... this is a big zone... and I can see the map is perhaps another x2/3. But that's still about 1 single area I'm used to playing in an open world online.

When it was like you are in THE BIGGEST CITY ON THE PLANET. I was like.... wha.... it feels like a checkpoint location in RealmReborn... or a military outpost.... where are the people going about their lives?

The NPC's only give some quests and tell basic information...

The story.... the reason why you're here or fighting or even why the enemies attack. NO ONE KNOWS. THEY NEVER HAVE.

AKA... we didn't come up with any reasons yet....

ps. launch is in a month ❤ ❤ ❤ lolololol

I was massively hyped for ngs being someone who has been playing pso2 for years and other pso games before that. I'm not going to lie though, I'm just not feeling this. I liked phantasy star games because they weren't like all the generic open-world mmorpgs out there. Game play was fast-paced and exciting, and not wasted competing with terrain and long distance. The combat is pso2 felt alot better as well. This feels clunky and dumbed down. I thought the flying/gliding seemed cool at first, but ultimately I don't want to be slowly gliding around so much. I want to be smashing enemies and getting loot. Enemies do seem to have alot of hp and take long to kill, but I remember being new to pso2 and taking 100 years to kill a snow banshee, so I'm not overly discouraged by that yet.

I think ultimately my problem is I don't want an open world pso, as there are already tons of open world games out there for people into that sort of thing. I liked pso2 for being something different, and it's disappointing to play NGS and see all the sameness to other games they are shoving in it.

The one positive thing I can say about this game is that I really am digging the the weather effects. I was in an area with a lighting storm and rain and I thought it was the most beautiful atmosphere ever.

Love the beta, Love the combat, Love the graphics and love so much more. That is how I feel since I see no problems in this game it is one big step up from instanced PSO2 which I have played for over 6 years now and have become bored of for the most part. My only worry is them falling into the same traps they did with PSO2.

My biggest issue with this beta is no cannon.

Other than that it's like a guild wars 2 lite and I enjoy it.

@W33Z4L the beta contain no story or anything, it is purely meant to test servers and game features. They already revealed the story and major NPCs in Prologue 3 stream, the first town you go to isn't even the CBT base.

remember this is a beta what we have now is not what will be in the final product, also I'm pretty sure they raised the enemies hp to let us test the mechanics of the combat because if we melt everything fast like is in PSO2 it will be hard to test anything.

@Jamesmor said in Serious concerns about the future of NGS:

remember this is a beta what we have now is not what will be in the final product, also I'm pretty sure they raised the enemies hp to let us test the mechanics of the combat because if we melt everything fast like is in PSO2 it will be hard to test anything.

Beta's this close to releases are rarely much different from the official release. It releases next month.

My only gripe as well is with the sponginess of some of the enemies. Hopefully they figure out the scaling on them before release. Nearly everything else I have been in love with.

@HermitST But it's essentially the same scenario as in Feburary, and if I had to judge by the in house demonstration in December it's an even older build of the game. As far as content and new user experience, I feel the final release will be much different.

I think it's honestly a bad game. Besides graphics, eveything else needs to be reworked. Combat, UI, scaling, environment, the damn submenus, everything.

@Kattous The JP audience already noted the UI menus as an issue in the latest survey. It's a known problem.