The npc population of Central City.

I think NGS has alot of potential, let me say that real quick. But honestly for the life of me, I can't stand how lifeless the NPC's in Central city are. They all either look almost the same, or have no quirky character designs that set them apart from one another. They're all just really really REAAAAALLY normal looking. They neither make you love them, or hate them like Dudu, or Pati or Tia. None of them are hair-line crazy like Risa, or mushy like Io.

You do know some of those NPC's are made JUST for the CBT right? We don't even have any of the Main Story NPC's yet.

Crossing my paws that it's just this way for the CBT... if they don't have a full storyline and npc's.... eek.