[NGS] Surround sound mix seems to have audio channels flipped around

I'm playing NGS with a 5.1 audio system hooked up via HDMI. It works great with PSO2, but in NGS the audio mix seems to be incorrect. In the middle of fights all of the action is coming out of the rear channels and only ambient noise is coming from the front left and right speakers.

I'm not sure if it's an issue with the mixing or if it's just a simple matter of the front and rear outputs being mixed up in the game. If I can rope someone in to do some testing while walking around my player character I can get a bit more data to narrow it down.

This is correct and reproducible on my 5.1 sound system with a Sound BlasterX AE-5 , but it is not hooked up HDMI.

From what I could tell,

Front Left and Right are Rear (Mid) Left and Right,

Rear Back Left and Right are Front Left and Right

I couldn't tell what center was mapped to.

Music was playing normally through front Left and Right.

The front and rear speaker channels are still mixed up in the full release. Stuff on screen has sounds coming out of the center front speaker and the rear surround channels, while the front left and right channels have ambient sounds from behind the camera.

After some experimentation I think it might just be the sound effects that are coming out of the wrong channels. I used EqualizerAPO to swap my front and rear channels in Windows, and while the sound effects are now coming out of the speakers corresponding to the correct directions, NPC voices are now coming out of the rear channels instead of the front ones.

I was hoping this would be fixed since I had noticed it in beta. The sound being backwards is really distracting for me and I cant concentrate well enough to even play the game for more than 15 minutes at a time... I'm just sensitive to inaccurate audio

Yeah, I was hoping remapping the channels would be an option until the developers fix it, but since it's only the sound effects that are affected you end up with messed up audio in one way or another. It doesn't seem like a difficult fix, I don't know why they weren't able to fix it between the beta test and the release.

Sound effects are still mapped to the wrong channels after the most recent patch and maintenance.