Binding keys to the number keypad does nothing when used.

Note: This is important because most MMO mice use the number pad for their default bindings. alt text

If you bind a key to a keypad button, it won't do anything when pressed.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Set dodge action to keypad 2

alt text

  • Press keypad 2. Nothing happens.

The reason for this is that the Switch Palettes function overwrites your keypad inputs even when the button isn't a valid palette. (And the game defaults palette swap to the keypad)

alt text

The expected and desired behavior is for keys set to numpad 1 - numpad 0 to overwrite the switch palette shortcuts rather than the shortcuts overwriting the action keys.

Ideally, we would be able to instead bind the palette swap hotkeys to any key individually. But I'm not explicitly asking for that as I know it would require reworking some things.

If I recall correctly, the software you are using must be running as an Administrator because if the Numpad works from your keyboard but not your mouse then this is a GameGuard issue as GameGuard tends to block inputs that aren't from the keyboard especially if they mirror or mimic controls. On the Steam version I got around this by running Steam as an Administrator and before that I had to run all the related programs (such as DS4Windows, reWASD, and so on) as an Administrator in order for Phantasy Star Online 2's GameGuard to not block my inputs.

@VanillaLucia The inputs aren't being blocked. They're being overwritten as I said in the second part of the post. I have no problem pressing my mouse button and getting it to input as num7 in the bind menu. And pressing num7 on my keypad itself does not do anything when outside of a menu (because it's being overwritten)

Yeah they're right the inputs are fine. From the look of the software I believe you're using Logitech's and it's totally fine. But yeah I don't think it should be letting you bind to those at all if the shortcut number thing set is up.

Honestly though it's painfully bad ergonomically. I wish they'd just let us do proper classic mmo binds with modifier keys. Such as 1-0 for current sub bar, ctrl-1-0 for a second, alt/shift for a third. Or at the least, let us bind modifier keys to change the bars so we could do like shift-1/2/3 to change bars or something.

Sega is a classic game company that knows plenty about gaming, and gamepads. However, they're like many Japanese companies, very tied to the concept of console, and not PC and really should try playing some other popular MMOs and see how they do some control schemes on PC.

Ideally on PC your left hand should not move from the WASD-zone and right hand on the mouse, unless say you're typing in chat anyway.