I love walking

I'm really glad they added more walking. Whenever I played pso2 i always thought there were too many enemies and too many abilities i had to use and things to kill, more grass and walking was an excellent idea

just run lol

@Silversniper231 Did you really not figure out dashing?

X starts a dash. Double tapping a direction starts a dash. Double Jumping into gliding starts a dash? Did you unlock the quick-teleporting? Did you even finish the tutorial?

Did you make this post over 3 seconds of play or something? 😧

You can sarcastically reply right back to him but he is right in that there is way more downtime of moving locations to get anything done in this game, especially noticable when doing that level up grind and running (or having to bounce up a mountain) to get to the next Trial that spawns halfway across the map zone.

Wha~? Compared to any other MMO I've played (And that's a lot for an old man like me), the zones here are tiny with not a lot of downtime at all.

Is it more than PSO2? I dunno, I'd argue it's the same once you arrive in an area. I just see the run to the fast-travel node and the teleport the same as the transition from ship to dropship to world in base PSO2. And it's far quicker than that actually.

Once I'm in moving round in zone the travel time is about the same as low level PSO2 - Which is what we are in this, too - low level.