[NGS CBT] No Menus After "Press The Enter Key" Screen

Urgency: MAJOR

What is the bug: No menu or options past "Press The Enter Key" screen. Image attached of what my screen looks like.

Steps to replicate: Unknown.

What happened: Before the bug appeared, I exited the game without logging out while on a server and the application closed as normal. This was right after I killed Nigleth(?), and reported to Guidon(?) (Apoloigies, forgetting the names of things). Afterwards, when attempting to launch the game I proceeded as normal and after I pressed Enter when prompted, I was met with zero menu or options. I tried waiting for an hour but no menu, not skipping the cutscenes and even uninstalling and re-installing, however there is no solution to this problem and it keeps persisting.

  • Does anyone else have this problem?

Apologies, forgot to attach the image. Here it is