Chatbox Issues?

Posted this in Reddit but now I'm posting it here. I'm getting chatbox issues all of a sudden, (well since yesterday). I can type words in chat but once I hit enter, nothing happens and I can't see my own chat or bubbles. I can see other people's. People say they can see mine...I just can't see my own. Can I get some help? I assumed it was due to XBL but it's been a day now.

I did make sure chat settings weren't somehow goofed up.

There is a chat setting that's only available on the chatbox itself, it's the filter dropdown. It's possible you accidentally changed that, and didn't realize it.

Where at? I've looked at all the settings to make sure my filter boxes weren't incorrectly modified.

It's not in any settings dialogue or menu, it's on the chatbox itself as a little blue dropdown box. At least it is in the Japanese version while the chatbox is focused and not dimmed out. Sorry, I can't give you screenshots of the NA version without the PC version being out.

Yeahhh....that's not a thing on the NA XBOX version.

Bumping this topic.