Please Help Error when Starting Game (see attached pic)

This shows up everytime i press Game Start. Please help 😞 I wanna play


did you check the microsoft store to see if it had an update?

I already reinstalled the game 😞

does it give you a proper error number? or just straight to that send option?

its just straight up this

**Any Helpers in the chat ^^ **

There are 2 other people i found so far that have your issue

One of them suggests it may have been a recent Win10 update which makes sense as i literally just got an update queued but i haven't allowed it yet and have no trouble running the game (I'm worried because it does want a restart, haha)

i can only think to check for the other items in the microsoft store at this stage (Gaming Services and whatever the 2nd one was, i can't even find it in my download list)

I had 2 updates, one last night and one this morning for NG so idk


Already have Gaming Services installed tho, anyways thanks for the help!

also if you happen to find any fix, kindly update me thanks!! 🙂

Another user suggested changing the graphics from Virtual full screen to windowed, will you try that?