Unable to party with person in the same household

My wife and I are playing unable to party up in the CBT. We had a friend try to invite us both, but as soon as one of us joins a party, the invite drops off for the other. If I try to invite her, I just get an error that says "You can't invite that player to your party at this time."

I hope this issue gets fixed soon. Specially considering it's not an issue (at least for us) on live servers. b1365f2e-6072-46f7-9172-6d7f0f10f5ae-image.png

EDIT: Turns out my wife had me muted on Xbox after all. Be sure to check if you're having the same problem lol

Since you have to use MS Accounts, you need to check your Privacy Settings on the website for games. This was a major problem with the initial release of the game. You also can't have them muted on your Xbox friends list, if you are on each other's friend's lists