NGS Text size

So, me and my brother are visually impaired and are trying to increase text size. We've attempted making changes to the pso2 ngs user data file, but nothing we do seems to have any effect whatsover on the size of UI in game.

Likewise, the enviromental settings to make text size larger seems to have no effect regardless of the combinations we try.

If anyone knows what we might be doing wrong, advice is appreciated. I can't look at these text boxes for more than 5 seconds without getting a headache.

thank you

The only way to get good size text would be to use a 4K monitor or TV as the screen and set the text size to max. Your hardware would have to support it, also, with the increased load on it.

We just gave setting is to max a shot, because my brother already has a 4k TV, but it still had no impact on the text size. Hopefully it'll be better in the live game, but for now, it seems we can't change it. Still, thank you for the tip.

Same problem on xbox series x and 4k tv. I'D have to be way closer to the TV. I'm not going to push my couch away from the wall just for this one game every time I want to play it 😕

@GM-BlindFire When you start up the PSO2 client, before logging in, select the text size option and choose 'large'. It will warn you about how large windows 'might overlap each other'. This is actually not a big deal, so just say 'okay'. You should end up with very large windows with very large text in them.

Let me add to this. Xbox series S, I play on Large but the games fonts are very small compared to most of the other console games I play.

I play on series s as well and I wish they'd add in an extra large font size option.

Hey guys, just found out that you can tweak the sizes of the damage texts from NGS using the base Pso2. If your on the main screen just do Character Select >>> Start Pso2 then after boot up go Settings >>> Game Settings >>> Text notifications. From there you could setup how you want the sizes and to enable/disable party and other peoples dmg pop up. If you want the UI Scale separately, just change it from NGS main menu which is already stated there. Good fixing to you guys!