Can't Get Past Main Screen

Hi I have access to the beta and after the main screen asks me to login with my account which I do, every time I attempt to play it just continually reopens the main screen saying Press enter to play, any solutions to this? Also, no error messages and yesterday it worked when I had tried and showed me the ships.

Exact same issue. Reinstalls don't help.

Same problem can't pass menu screen. If I run a launcher then go to Environment Settings>Features and run "Test Connection" I got ErrorCode 403.

Signing out and back into every Xbox related app on my PC fixed it. Including the old Xbox companion app if you still use it.

@Radical-Dreamer I tried something similar and was able to log in now, it just eventually worked after

Signing in to the xbox console companion app fixed it for me.

Signing out and in everywhere I think this could help, does not fix it on my side. Any other option or "hidden" XB app that might be somewhere?