can't get my old character into the NGS and I do not play on xbox but only on pc for the official pso2

I play pso2 on epic game launcher and did connect my epic account on xbox account to put up the transfer for the NGS but there is no option to transfer it...I did not create an account of pso2 on xbox but did linked it with epic games account...what can I do to make my character from pso2 into NGS?

NGS beta is a fresh start, just make a character. You can't bring your character in

So the process to link account is only to get sg from it?

Yeah and the other rewards, and to participate int he surveys afterwards

oh okay thanks for the info! One last thing though...can't seems to get my ps4 controller work on it even though it works on pso2.

@o0hitatsu0o that's because you are accessing via Microsoft that doesn't have drivers for PS controllers so they won't work unless you use something to change the drivers to recognize as a Xbox controller

It's not running through Steam - which is what makes the PS4 controller work native in steam games (like PSO2). So it will likely run fine with a PS4 controller after launch if bought through steam.

For this I'm using DS4windows app to run the ps4 controller as an XBOX controller. (Make steam is closed while DS4windows + NGSCBT are running). 🙂