PSO2NGS GameGuard issuse

I got this gameguard issuse even i try to reinstall the game it won't fix this issuse 1.png

@KaZeLuka Try this, go to Apps & Features > [Locate your game] > Click Advanced Options > Click Reset.

Do that for both Base PSO2 and NGS. I also had the same problem and was also resolved by one of the forum users here

I got this problem too.

@kafenowaaru It did not work for me.

I'm getting an np0 error. After disabling windows defender and malwarebytes, it still is doing it.

The bot on the discord is saying "GameGuard Kernel driver failed to load with error code c0000001 which will need to be manually analysed." when I post the npgm.erl file.

@Gine214 did it redownload the GameGuard files? When I reset mine, it redownload the GameGuard files

@DragonByte6614 Apologies, I am not much familiar with Discord and GG working in tandem..

@kafenowaaru it's just a bot that analyzes the error log file

@kafenowaaru Yes, it re-download the GG but still the same.