[NGS CBT] No BGM After "Press The Enter Key" Screen

■ Short Summary: No BGM after "PRESS THE ENTER KEY" screen

■ How often can it be reproduced?

Only if you start the game with japanese voice settings applied

■ Description:

After first time opening NGS Closed Beta Client. I switched the voice language settings to japanese. The other day i opened the client, the problem occured which is no BGM after pressing Enter, yet the sound effects can still be heard. Until today i managed to find out how to avoid triggering this bug or fix if you already set the voice language to japanese.

■ How to fix Simply switch back to english language in voice settings and the problem will no longer occur. In my experience it's possible to swap back to japanese voice and have the BGM to play after changing voice language settings from english. As the CBT has yet to start, it is unknown if the bug continues to occur until gameplay.

Works as intended for me in MS Store version I changed to Japanese voice and then it started back at the SEGA logo. When promtped to press enter, the sound continued to play as intended.