I'd like to take the time to start by saying welcome and thank you for taking interest in Rezolute Network! (Aka RezNet) Rez Net Dollar.png

we are inclusive to all even if you may not speak English or Japanese fluently. so even if you are just looking for a place to kick it, searching for others to game with or even looking to help other gamers, this is the alliance for you!

rez tv.png

  • As mentioned already no level requirement needed, just your activity even if its a lurk lol. -

  • Ship 2 on both the Jp and Na servers are the main ships for the alliance. we are also on ships 1 & 3 (4 in due time) -

  • Be yourself as you are, we aren't "politically correct" by any means nor expect you to be, however be respectful and know the limits of other individuals. (our discord specifically has a nsfw section for Bull$%#^ banter known as "ebi chat" for an "anything goes" atmosphere from role play, dark humor, and mild roasting as long as it isn't deemed as personal threats, hazing or crossing boundries. violators are set to spectate in silence...) -

  • Our alliance quarters are open to the public for anyone to utilize and chill or to make use of our bulletin board for requests/reaching out for help with a particular subject/quest or to just leave a shout out. its checked daily and requests are taken seriously! -

  • RezNet's discord is primarily for gaming anime and music lovers to link up, socialize and share/play content together. with that being said keep all pso2 talk in its respective section under the "Game Zone" which also has other titles as well if you play other games then just pso2. -

  • Lastly RezNet is fairly fresh and still under development with lots of majors things in store, please bare with us as me and my team put it all together, any questions concerns or comments ask away and welcome to the family! -