Age gate is not letting me log on my main PC

I tried logging in and accidentally put year 2020 as the date, and now I am literally unable to log in or contact support. I've had to log into my account on an icognito browser.

Such an awful system in place, do I really have to delete all my temporary files just to be able to contribute to this forum?


@Nevzat is not ridiculous is how a company protect thenselves also you only need to delete the cookies in order to enter the age again.

@Jamesmor Sorry but i've never witnessed a compulsive age verification BEFORE logging in. and a once and only type thing either.

I am NOT deleting cookies just to be able to log into this forum, i've never had to delete cookies in my life and don't plan to start now.

Let people log in and you'd figure out their age! I went to contact us at the top, guess what... CANT EVEN go there.