NGS - CBT: Ship Selection and Server Maintenance

Hello, sorry if this has already been posted about somewhere else. So I was logging into the CBT for the first time and went to select my ship. Since progress is going to be reset I figured it didnt matter which ship I select for the CBT so I selected Getting Started and it attempted to put me on Ship 1, however I was then met with a message saying that the server was down for maintenance. Is the server full or is it just under maintenance like it suggests? Is there a site that we can check server status from yet? Thanks for any help regarding this matter.

@Eritogema The beta hasn't started yet.


From 5/14 6:00 PM (Fri) to 5/16 7:00 PM (Sun) (PDT)

It starts in around 8 hours basically.

@Ezodagrom Nooooooooooo! I took off from work for this. (hehehe) Oh well, just have to wait then I guess. Normal PSO2 for a few hours it is then. Thanks for your help, I cant believe I didnt realize that. (scratches head and laughs nervously)