Tips for beginners & friendly advice about main/sub classing

Hey its ya boi KuroMayne(Kuro) So I'll start by just saying ive been playing pso2 since the jp release and just recently transitioned to global so I figure why not share some info/advice for those who may be new to the game.

For starters 3 things make the game a lot easier and more fun for everyone is if you:

1.) Avoid not participating in quests with others to just hang out in the lobby and socialize, atleast form an alliance or join one(doesn't have to be mine) so it doesn't seem as tho you aren't participating and helping others do EQ's or even other type of quests where having others around is a bonus.

2.) Focus on a weapon you like and learn it entirely (all pa/tech arts and custom arts associated)

2.) Go and grind in the expeditions for a bit and get accustomed to your class and learn how it fairs against certain enemies and make up combos. (also it makes exp grinding and item looting much easier if more people are involved) Learn every last fualt/advantage with the class so that when you choose a subclass you have an idea of what you want to compensate with. ( if your really into your main/sub swap your sub and main to see if its still useable so you have two options to play as incase you come across a quests that's better suited for an alternative option.)

In doing this eventually you will come to learn that some skills may be more useful for you then others.

With that being said DONT BE AFRAID TO "ruin" YOUR SKILL TREE!!! Its going to happen in some way shape or form when you start to level and gain more abilities, that's why you have the option of skill tree resets to re distribute skill points or make a whole new char if you really got carried away.(you can make three for free and they share progress/storage {if they are on the same ship}so you won't have to redo client quests for certain unlocks.)

Case and point I was a fan of the gunblade when I first saw it and chose Hu/Fi (hunter/fighter ) as a human thinking that would be my main/sub and although I got the hang of playing as this setup, over time I learned I didn't like having to slowly toss mates back or up in the middle of an intense fight (this does NOT make Hu or Fi bad classes) . so I figure why not use a class that could self heal and played techer with the gunblade(luckily all classes can use gunblade). Naturally I only assigned SP to anything that would help my offensive and to tech arts that I wanted and was happy for awhile being a Te/Fi. It was great until I realized my range was lacking so my sub became braver (Br) to compensate for both melee and range atk. I also discovered when switching main and sub between just techer and braver that braver had some perks I enjoyed such as "perfect recovery" which heals if you recover from being knocked back.

The explanation just goes to explain that it doesn't matter what "mistake" you may make with your class, eventually you'll come across skills that you may want working together in tandem. everyone does this at least once or in some way shape or form and the best part is you can learn from it and correct it in however way you choose so don't feel pressured to "keep up" with certain classes, learn your perfect build at your pace.

my main now is a dewman that switches between combinations of just Techer Luster and Braver and even if it isnt the strongest or most supportive class, its what i like and i enjoy and has been that way since 2014.

Hopefully this helps some of you who are prepping for new genesis or who may have just started and wanna enjoy pso2 to the fullest.

Question for veteran gamers who may be reading this, what's your go to main/sub class and what's the benefits of it ? I figure sharing this kinda info will motivate and benefit the newer players. Ex: Te/Lu I can assist aggressively and supportively. Te/Br I have more options of how I wanna handle a situation incase I might be overwhelmed using certain weapons and still be somewhat supportive. Br/Lu I can focus primarily on aggressive strategys if I'm not needed as support.

"Question for veteran gamers who may be reading this, what's your go to main/sub class and what's the benefits of it?"

All 3 of my characters run successor classes. I did fiddle around with Br/Ph for a bit. But imo it's not really worth going for that unless you plan on using Both Katana and bow. Despite the better "feel" of katana braver Pa's and the more forgiving block/counter mechanic I think Ph Katana is much better in terms of fluidity.

The only other combination I find worth running would likely be Te/Lu purely because you basically get all the DPS benefits that luster has but with supportive techs and casting that techer has. You basically get jack all for defense but PSO2 end game is largely full of "dodge or die" anyway. So it's not really a big deal imo. You kind of invest into tanking setups if that's what appeals to you. Not because it's by any means an optimal way to play.

My "main" I guess is luster. It takes the very high movement based super counter play that Hero has. But it's much safer and a lot more fluid. You get to not care about the few bosses that get weapon damage resistance to weapons. Your main weapon is gunblade. Which has historically been the easiest to get and convert to other weapons with zig should you have alts that you want to give equipment to. And mechanically it's just busted. You have a refreshable forgiveness mechanic should you take a death blow and basically always have shifta/deband which is nice if no one is runnint Te for buffing the MPA. Also having megaverse? on demand is pretty nuts. Really the only downside I can give to Luster is that many weapon camos don't work on it or those that do don't look really good (imo.) that and I suppose it's a lot to take in at first.

If people are really against trying to figure out dodge timings or are just better at blocking than dodging Etiole is a pretty easy recommendation. It's "slightly" more forgiving in the department of taking hits. Though without proper affixing damage bouncer amounts to 2 maybe 3 more hits from some end game content. If you're looking to be purely tanky than Hu/Et is the route you go. Personally I use soaring blades exclusively because I very much like being able to block while attacking or using something on my pallete. But the other two weapons are more than servicable. Wand is considered the best weapon for Et but considering how PP hungry it is it'll probably turn most players off unless they're someone that bothers fully affixing their gear. And double saber is a nice middle ground between the two imo. And is the most flexible. Et is kinda different from everything in the game though so i'd really only recommend Et to people who don't find most class gameplay to be fun.

My final character is phantom but is the one i'm the least versed in. I really don't recommend phantom to anyone as a main class unless you're already familiar with casting gameplay. As Ph is objectively superior to both force and techer. It has very little safety mechanics and saves. So unless you're very comfortable existing without those crutches it would be a hard sell. However I WOULD recommend this class as a subclass. The amount of PP regen alone makes subbing other classes difficult to adjust to. It has a lot of nice benefits and you'd pretty much be set subbing Ph for nearly any main class you prefer. Where as you'd really only sub Et if you want to take advantage of damage bouncer.

Hero is my personal pick if you don't really care about any particular style of play and just want to focus on action. But have a variety of things available to you. It affords you pretty much free unconditional damage greater than any other base class. It's heavily focused on dodge counter gameplay which is very appealing to action addicted people. And it's weapon set is very diverse. Sword is pretty much always good both as a main weapon and filler for anything like mobbing or single damage. Talis gives you access to techs and is a servicable weapon in it's own right. Both with passive damage and a good way to refund hero time. TMG's have their own nice uptime with pp which floats the class quite nicely. And is also pretty safe when it comes to repositioning and countering since the counter PA gives you very generous I frames. It's also the preferred class for alts that exist purely for farming.

The only downside I can really give to hero is that at the end of the day it's incredibly basic. It heavily relies on counters for damage. But because it's counters only exist on dodge and the dodge is just a regular side step it's effectiveness starts to slip in way later content. Making it much harder to play.