Probably some reso that need to be fixed.

Age Request.JPG

Numbers dont fit properly on the screen not a gamebreaking bug but definitly something that has probably to do with reso settings and or zoom of resolutions. Defintily wanna look in on this i noticed alot of menus showing this issue.

This actually looked normal on mine. It might have something to do with scaling of UI elements and being designed for one resolution over another and not scaling right. I use 1600 x 900, which is the max resolution of my monitor. I mostly use my 1080p TV now, but I often switch it over to the actual monitor when I play games on Playstation or Nintendo consoles and it is a pain having separately resolutions for both. I also probably couldn't run it at 1080p with my GPU

mine was in 1080p but didn't appeared like that, will be good to know what is the resolution used to know if it was that or the UI scale