Does NGS being a global release give you hope for the content being above average compared to what NA typically gets?

To be fair I've played them all. PSO2. PSO. PSU. 1/2. Dreamcast. Gamecube. OG Xbox. And I've enjoyed what time Ive had on them all in all. However as an avid PSU player from start to finish (and the owner of the first S rank in that game, Neutral Crea Doubles btw) I am used to not getting all of our promised content. I know PSU ended up like a year or so behind Japan if not more. And while I enjoyed the time I had there, the bi weekly slow painful content drip will not be missed.

I'm extremely happy this is getting a global release. I know they won't let their JP fanbase down and I'm hoping its the same this go around for us.

They've said that the content is something everyone gets at the same time. The only differences would be Global only events and JP only events based on cultures.

Sega says a lot.

Considering their track record outside of Japan my hopes are so so with it being a bit higher if the Microsoft money to get it globally means an extended effort being pushed on not treating the non Japanese player base as 2nd rate, it'll help too if NGS starts out very strongly vs potentially fizzling out after a few months.

JP and Global releasing at the same time is definitely a step in the right direction. It would be great if we get everything JP does, but as a cynic I am guessing that won't be the case. Licensing issues and the like will probably prevent global from getting certain things.

But who knows. Maybe Global has made enough money that Microsoft will be willing to pony up enough money to license everything the JP version gets.

I'm both hopeful and not hopeful.

Hopeful because we'll hopefully get parity, which would be nice to actually be on par with JP. Of course parity comes with a few caveats, but I'm hopeful we'll at least get simultaneous releases for all the content that'll actually make it over to Global (so if we don't get something JP does, it'd be something we'll just never get because of licensing/whatever vs just us being on a content delay for whatever reason they come up with).

But also, for the actual amount of content, I'm not hoping for much. Global was spoiled for the speed of the content a lot of the time, so we'll see how slow things really get when you're on parity. I'm expecting a pretty light amount of content, with probably just normal/hard difficulties at the get-go. It might also be a breath of fresh air though, to have a little more time to grind for stuff/pay attention to it without thinking "this'll just get outclassed immediately anyway".