More Options for Auto Loot setting

The current auto loot settings are all 13* or higher. I would like to see this option expanded more to allow for 10* or 12* option.

In the current state of the game it would be more beneficial than the 13* option considering very very few Quests have those drops for SH.

I support this suggestion

Completely agree. So much micro managing

Agree. And 11Star Unit Acquisition option too, please.

I noticed Meseta isnt showing next to your character when you pick it up, like the materials and other items you pick up. I really miss it, I think its a bug and have reported it to support.

It still shows in the chat log but would like to see the small text next to my character as running through the meseta crysals

Even 10+ would suffice or just have it as a players choosing. Eg can set it to auto loot 3* above if wanted to