PSO2 NGS launcher error?

so i already finished the download from the microsoft store and then i tried to press the "start game" button on the launcher but there is an error pop up and it said "this product is not supported by your environment. for more information, please check the system requirements at the Players' site"

i already check the requirements even before i download it and my pc is just fine with it.

is it because the game not started the close beta yet? or is it something wrong with my pc?

That error means that you more than likely have a CPU that does not support AVX (basically a pre-2011 CPU). There is nothing you can do except get a new CPU (which means you will likely need a new PC), as even base PSO2 will be updated to require AVX support.

@AndrlCh omg you're right my cpu doesnt support AVX, thanks for the response!

@エギ Note that this doesn't apply only to NGS, when the graphics engine update gets released for the base PSO2, it will also require a CPU that supports AVX.

@Ezodagrom Honestly, I don't think Global is going to get the graphics update before NGS. Since they have already set the launch window for June, I could see them just holding off on it.

@AndrlCh Yeah, at this point I also find it unlikely that the update will be released before NGS, but some players with older PCs that may not be able to run NGS could be planning on continuing to play the base PSO2, so it's worth letting them know about the AVX requirement.

I was trying press game start has been not support on system and i think our PC Components need upgrade too.