Wayside expectations

Watching, hoping and waiting for something that just might resemble PSO2 when we all first started. Sure.. there were.. * ahem* issues, Along with loads of frustration and even some just walking away from this game altogether. I'm not going into speficics for that topic because , it is a Lengthy one- However, It can be said that the Folks over at Arks layer, AKA PSO2 Tweaker Really fixed a host of issues, Making Sega and even Microsoft look like complete novices.

Up until episode 3 , the enthusiasm to play had peaked, currently PSO2 NA is sorta turning into the JP version, in the sense were everyone found a way to get into the JP version played that version religously and even some yes, those that believe that there is some prize for going thru ALL content as quickly and as fast as possible followed then by those as a result jaded, Cause that's exactly what going on now. UQ event? Eh.. in another 3 Hours or so.. BLEH

ARKS BINGO : I absolutely loved this! Sadly though - RIP- Believe me, I thought that this was only one side of the bingo card that can be completed, then I found out.. Both sides!!??? OH, wow..!

What about XIA? You know, That lonely NPC that usually has some neat rewards in all the holiday and special events, I thought she would be a staple for PSO2, But.. sadly .. ALSO - RIP.

So what exatly happened? Well there are lots of other players that are going to come out of the woodwork and tell you because , It was like this.. OR because JP is doing that.. Yeah.. you know who you are.

Alright.. so there may be some truth to all that, But in my perspective: We have some well known "Behind the Scenes" type of people.. Like. the folks over at Ark Hour.. ( RIP BTW.), AND....... OK - so I don't know who they are. But, maybe when they first came to PSO2 at some point they WERE gamers , Like you and I and then what happened? Well, this may very well happen to many, - Meetings - Pitching ideas that would otherwise be.. FUN - right? - Well, instead you have those that are constantly running and modifying python scripts, debugging XML files, etc. etc. - All the while being molded into something that SEGA wants them to be and this is the End result. ( It's Literally like an episode out of spongebob Squarepants.)

So, what of it? Well this worries me - I SINCERELY HOPE and I MEAN REALLY , REALLY , REALLY HOPE, that they do't do NGS like this. You know.. - were they decided to pull something random out of thier own anus , and then just copy/ paste it .

Prolly not, as it's not playing catch up as quickly as possible. They'll likely have more communication about what systems are being added, and a better way to explain them all to the playerbase. I expect NGS to be miles ahead of what we got in PSO2. PSO2 was no small task, but that's mostly the best they could do given with what they prolly had to work with.