Ac scratch for cast and gender specific ones aswell

I would love to see a AC scratch dedicated to Cast male and female and not just parts but also the cast only version of certain outfits, could also throw in all of the mission pass parts into it

The other suggestion would be to do a all male scratch and a all female(maybe) male characters normally get the short end of the stick so I’m sure players that play only Male characters would enjoy this

And one more thing, please help bring The game to Xcloud as well, this is possibly a Microsoft thing but I’m sure the Sega devs also need to sign off on this as well

Not sure if this is bait but JP have had exactly that for several weeks now:

@Miraglyth nope not bait ^^, I had no idea that this had happened, I just had the idea seeing the mission pass was going away and tbh that’s been where most of the cast parts have been lately