Suggestion in foresight of it happening.

Sega, please extend the Closed beta by 24 to 36 hours. I'm not posting, or suggesting this out of wanting to play ngs more, but at the reoccurring faults with North America's technical side.

Every maintenance, or rather 9 out of 10 we have had have been extended for hours due to undocumented issues. Servers crash on a whim, especially during Urgent quests like Primordial Darkness, even with a very stable population. There has also been instances where servers can be overloaded like the PC release of pso2 global, and not to mention it doesn't even HAVE to be sega related either. The microsoft store & xbox online are very bad at handling game traffic through MMO's. I honestly predict as soon as NGS is released that an outage could very well occur setting the Beta's opening time back possibly 2 or more hours.

According to the broadcasts, one of the Japanese tests for NGS had massive errors that caused downtime without an extension... I don't think they're going to play to logic here...

Well, the beta happens at 2/3 AM EU time which sucks big time for us, but may make things a bit easier during the initial push to log in.

Hopefully the servers will be fine by the core of EU players get to play.