soo i had to spend the past month and a half farming hard core story mode battles to get enough SG to get the scratch count ticket to be able to choose one item i want, but there are more than one item that i wanted and i am nearly out of story battles to run. Soon i will have no way to get lots and lots of SG without buying the SG, so i do recommend adding a weekly 500 SG mission to the missions list, or make the SG items sell-able to the personnel market bc it also gave me items that i can not use myself so i had to delete some of them.

What will i do when the next SG scratch ticket comes after blowing all my story battles on this 1? I tried to start a buster battle but no 1 showed up for hours to do any busters so that is pointless.

I tried to start a pvp battle queue for the Battle coins but no 1 showed up for that ever for days so that is pointless as well.

It is like all the ways to make SG is no longer popular by the players o it is all pointless so now i wander if they an at-least increase the sg reward thing to 3 SG item rewards per play, or make them sell-able.

My friend said that he dose not play the SG tickets because of all of this combined He did say that he'd play them if the items was sell-able on the personnel shop.

500 SG with a weekly mission is way too much, if they do that Sega will raise the cost of SG tickets too, you can already farm 260 SG per week without much effort by doing pvp, buster quests and going to the casino

@Jamesmor i said in my text that i tried pvp and buster but i was the only one who showed up for them.

For those that doesn't put the work in, you buy the SG instead of earning SG.

This topic is what happens when we get months of hyper-compressed SG scratch tickets followed by radio silence on the more SG-efficient permanent SG scratch we really should have been given at the same time as JP.

Out of interest @kimpennt04 what are the additional items you want?

maybe i need to start a topic about how Buster and pvp needs to be more popular instead of trying to change the way SG is bc i spent a long long time waiting for people to show up in the pvp, but i ws the only one in it lol

@HarmlessSyan just for the record i did work for my SG, i want to work for it instead of wasting money on SG. did all the Story quest battles in Hardcore mode to get enough SG to do the scratch 38 times.

I waited for hours for people to show up for pvp but no one did.

I waited hours for people to show up for buster, but no one showed up for buster but me, so i posted something on here bc no 1 will show up for buster or pvp and i am all out of story quest battles to do hardcore for sg. I want to work for it but when players don't show up for pvp or buster and i am out of story missions how can i?

@kimpennt04 buster is scaled, you can solo free matches easily. There's also weekly TA and red container rankings. Since you seem like a solo player, challenge mode may not be for you, but perhaps you can try the last one where it is more solo friendly.

I won't deny SG sucks on global without Idola and PSO2es linking, but global seems to have much more frequent SG campaigns in return until recently where they just been spamming SG campaigns every where.