PSO2:NG "Not supported envoirment"

To cut things super duper short since there isn't much explaining possible:

I installed the CBT from the Microsoft store and tried to boot it, expecting it to tell me it's not ready yet but instead it tolld me the following error message: "This product is not supported by your envoirment. For more information please check system requirements at the Player's page." I thought it's a simple fact of my pc being to bad but no, it actually does reach into middle requirements according to the Microsoft store.

Did anyone run into the same? Does anyone know a fix?

I have installed it and can get up to the Ship Select screen just fine. I am on Windows 10 Home Version 2004 Build 19041.928 64-bit. I have a new update available in Windows Update, but it refuses to install when it reaches around 97%, so I don't have the latest cumulative update for version 2004. I also haven't upgraded to 20H2, even though I can since it is ready.

Since yours says the product isn't supported by the operating environment, there is something up with your OS that is preventing it from properly detecting it or it doesn't meet the software requirements.

@KirbyKidGaming Same problem. I think it is because of my aged CPU. It is an AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition. 😑 Graphic Card is an GTX970 and I have 16 GB of RAM.

Your CPU needs to support AVX

@Virtuasonic your GPU and memory is not the issue but your CPU is, that model doesn't support AVX so you can't run the game.

Well tough luck for me then. I have a intel pentium g4560 and if this thing isn't being supported... thanks for the help though!