Alfins an absolute unit quest with new character

Dont get the units when you accept the order, and can't buy the units

Is there any way to comple it

@KtwnKamikazi Most COs that give an item reward only give them once per account. You can use any Units to complete the CO, so if you don't have any in your shared storage, you can check the NPC who sells units in the Shopping area for some cheap ones to use.

@KtwnKamikazi Not sure if you've got this figured out yet but you've got two options. 1) run your main character in some low-level activities (like Expeditions), throw any units you get into storage, and pick them up on your second character. 2) In the shopping area, first floor, there's a stall (I believe it's blue). The vendor on the left sells "outfits" but the vendor on the right sells units. Pick up three of the cheapest/lowest level "sub" units, which can be equipped to any slot.

If you need to level up your second character to be able to equip a unit a fairly quick method if you haven't done this already is to go to the Casino and grab all the Client Orders the guy by the pillars (believe his name is Alli?e) has, which are pretty much just "try every game (except Lillipan roulette) once" and find the Lillipan "grafitti" (a sticker which shows up in one of like 5 or 6 places and changes every few hours or each time you go into a new "block"). Few places I've seen it: on the columns in the fountain in the front room, along the back wall (behind the leaves) behind Rappy Slots, behind the gold statue next to Lillipan roulette, and I've heard it can sometimes appear on the ceiling in the front room (have to use a balloon to fly up there). You'll also have a CO to exchange a coin pass (one of the other COs will give you 5 so don't worry about where to get one), a coupe of "Win big at Rappy Slots" (get 3 wilds to line up, so just keep plugging away at it) and after the first "round" of COs you'll get a few more to beat Nyau at Blackjack 5 times (doesn't have to be back to back), get 500 coins from whatever the other slots game was (watch the score in the top right, if you get to 500+ and get a Darkfalz spin, just quit and "settle out." If you get Darkfalz before 500 just have to take the risk. And lastly you've got to hit Nyau and "King Meseta" in the Meseta Shooter game in the middle of the casino. Takes a little practice but it's not difficult.

After all those are done and turned in you should get a few levels (my 2nd and 3rd characters got about 5 each and they were already level 12 and 14 to begin with, so might get more if your character is lower). This not only boosts your base stats but gives you SP to put towards whichever stat the Unit requires.

I can, resolve This Quest.

Itens Afin it's only sugestions.

You need to remove all of your equipament, and equip any unit in slots one by one.

It's clear the quest.