[NGS CBT] Game Crashed When "Exit Game" is chosen from the main menu prior to ship selection

■ Short Summary: Exit Game crashes NGS when choosing it from the main menu.

■ Time of Occurrence

Any Time

■ How often can it be reproduced?


■ Steps to Reproduce

  1. Download the New Genesis Closed Beta
  2. Go to the Main Menu.
  3. Choose "Exit Game."

■ Description:

After downloading, starting the NGS Closed Beta Client. I wanted to exit the game. So, I went to the main menu, and chose "Exit Game" from the options list. The game went black and the Windows Error Report dialogue appeared saying the program crashed / wasn't responding.

I can confirm that I don't have this issue. I tried following the steps and it closed just fine.

This has been fixed in the or MS Store update.

nevermind ,it crashed after changing the language setting to test another bug.