Question for admins/mods

Hello, I'm wondering what the situation is when it comes to global players, currently I play in 1 region but will be going to USA NGS region, will I be able to use my JPN region account to transfer or is it completely separated from global and I have to make a new character from scratch?

There is still no clear answer to this so I'm wondering if admins or whomever can find out for me. As it stands the only verified information I can find is sega will operate NGS JPN servers and Microsoft Azure is used to run and support all other regions, but that doesn't tell me if I can bring over anything when I physically move, or is it possible to have a server transfer option like in PSO 2?

I appreciate any information, BUT PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME OPINONS A FACTS!

JP and Global servers are completely separate from each other which means transferring between the two will be impossible.

is not possible to transfer the data of your account from JP servers to global and it won't be possible with New Genesis, both servers operate with different types of account ID and the content that is in JP servers wasn't released yet in global or won't be released