UI for multiple item select in the actual inventory management, not just a random tooltip

I know there is a random tool tip mentioning RT as a way to select multiple things in your inventory, but it would be nice to have UI for it somewhere actually in context. Apparently item management has caused a lot of anxiety for new players because they did not know this and almost threw in the towel, and for a game all about loot, that's a shame because it's a fundamental mechanic of the game. Please consider providing on screen button UI, it just might help your retention, thank you!

I totally agree. There is so much loot and as a new player you will be overwhelmed by it, not knowing what you need and then trying to manage it while doing a urgent quest ect. I found out about this feature after ~30 hours playtime. It was such a relief. Just show a little "RT-Button"-Icon with an "Multi-Select" label next to it, wherever you can use it.

@JimmBimm Thanks! And here is a nice vertical slice of people's reactions: https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2/comments/fmb3km/psa_you_can_select_multiple_items_in_your/